Museum Without Walls

In 1965 Andre Malraux wrote a book, The Museum without Walls. Malraux idea was centered around the thought that one could photograph art and place it in his book, thus creating a museum without walls. The idea that one can compile a book of photographs, to serve the same purpose of museum visits. 

Today, we do the same process with the internet and digitizing art work from around the world that we have at our finger-tips through the internet.  But how does this effect the museum as an institution and art as a whole?Almost every art history student has experienced this through the common slide lectures, at the same time how else can one seeing that much art in a set location. Douglas Crimp also brings up these issues, when he states “In the process they have lost their properties as objects” (Crimp, On the Museum’s Ruins, p. 55). 

Bringing these issues back, if people truly feel that they can get everything from the internet, as museums are uploading their collections, what will happen to the museum? 



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