It is Rocket Science!

Interactive Exhibits at the New York Hall of Science

Interactive Exhibits at the New York Hall of Science

The New York Hall of Science is landmarked by the two enormous NASA rockets situated out front. Seen from the subway these drew my curiosity towards the building. A nice perk that must be noted is that both on Fridays at 2-5pm and Sundays 10-11am admission is free. This gesture allows for a diverse range of class to see the exhibits that are being shown.

Outside the entrance of the facility, there is a large brass sundial that captured my attention for several minutes, while other visitors just merely walked passed it. Once inside the museum, I was directed towards the North Wing to experience the Earth at many different scales. The building’s design and fenestration allowed for a lot of natural daylight to enter almost every exhibition. The Central Pavilion creates a dramatic space with a scaled up model of a molecular structure that floats above the visitors heads. One of the most intriguing exhibits in this space was “Seeing the Light”. This exhibit merged the dynamics of light with mathematics and created simple interactive dioramas that isolated key problems that our eyes perceive due to contrast and shadows. This museum has a lot of potential and is a great source for hands-on learning for all ages.

(Stephen Kaye)


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