Learning while Enjoying

"Parque Explora", an interactive experience that teaches you while you amuse

"Parque Explora", an interactive experience that teaches you while you amuse

I would like to share with you my experience in “Parque Explora”, a very innovative interactive park in Medellin, Colombia. Its main objective is to disseminate and promote science and technology in the population of the city and its visitors. It gives them the opportunity to experiment, learn while they are enjoying, and build some knowledge that can help developing social welfare and dignity. It has more than 300 interactive experiences outdoor and indoor, spaces for experimentation and exhibition places.

One of the places I enjoyed the best when I went there was the open hall. An incredible place outdoors fulfilled with interactive experiences to learn about physics while you play. I remember my physics’ lessons in high school and how boring they were, but this place makes of physics an entertaining experience. You can experiment the physics’ laws on your own while you are spinning around on a circular platform and controlling its speed depending on how close your chest is to the center of it. You can also experience the laws of gravity, inertia, parabolic movement, eccentric movement, etc. You learn tons of stuff that is usually boring while you are amusing yourself.

Another amazing space in the park is the digital territory. Here you can learn everything about new technologies while you create with music, images and movement.  You make your own animations, you broadcast the weather on a TV station, you analyze your own body temperature with infrared cameras, and you compose your own songs. It’s is magical.

“Parque Explora” makes of learning the most fun, amusing, unforgettable experience.


One response to “Learning while Enjoying

  1. When I went to the Science Museum in London, I remember how different the focus was then our science museums in the States. As one walked in to the human body exhibit, the first item that was presented for display was a huge wall panel projection of two fetus with the caption stating that one fetus was abnormal and one was normal. The display went on to ask the viewer to try to figure out which one was abnormal and then what a mother is support to do when she finds out she has an abnormal fetus. School children on field trips would walk into this space and stop and discuss these issues. I found the openness for discussion and debate wonderful; the museum was truly trying to education the visitors about more then just “happy” science.

    In addition, once one moved into the museum (which is enormous) there are a number of different floors devoted to different sections of science. Some of these floors are designed for children more then adults (they had fun, interactive games and activities), while others are more clearly designed for adults (due to the content and heavy use of text). I though that this was a great way to make the museum applicable for a broad audience of people, children, students, adults. There was something for everyone.

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