Museum as Hub

The Museum as Hub is a collaborative initiative based on a network of five international art museums, including New York’s New Museum. It’s a new approach to curation, as well as an open space for exhibitions, events, special programs, community discussions, screenings, etc. During the first year of the project, the museums worked with the theme  “neighborhood”, distinguishing what this meant to the people of the city in which each museum is located.

I like this as an example of a real social network that takes on big issues, one that is maybe more powerful and vital than the virtual networks we’re all part of.  I see it also as a good example of something that can be started by a museum or gallery that relies on good old sharing, discussion, and face-to-face interaction (as well as online interaction between the collaborators) to generate an experience.

New Museum’s Museum as Hub is hosting a symposium on October 21st to consider the initative itself.  This should be a good look at a museum’s exercise in self-evaluation and a peek into how this project will progress in the future, not to mention an interesting afternoon of discussion. And it’s inexpensive ($8 for students)!



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