Museums and Collections

The base of most museums is the collection, wither gathered for a purpose or collected over time, the collections and objects that they comprise of are a key element to the museum. Svetlana Alpers continues these ideas in The Museum as a Way of Seeing, when she claims that collections and objects are judged for visual interest. (p. 26) In the fast-driven technological world, it seems as if we forget the objects and narrative of the museum for the flashy-new entertainment technology. The balancing of technology and exhibits can be a difficult one, over use of technology can date an exhibition as well as prevent the narrative from being told properly. In a lecture by Kazy Varnelis about Network Culture: A Changing Context for Design, during the Q&A session he stated that objects have to tell a story. In addition, he stressed that things have power over us. When combining these elements we must remember that though technology is a constant in our lives today, it is not always the solution. In the future, we must find a balance between these different display methods so that the narrative can be expressly told.



One response to “Museums and Collections

  1. museumdesignlab

    At AAM this year I saw an interesting experimental exhibition project called “The Secret Life of Objects“. The Design Museum in Helsinki teamed up with the Media Lab and created an interactive exhibition map that encouraged visitors to attach their own stories and interpretations to a collection of objects on display. These narrative attachments then become part of the object’s history and give life to the collection and how the museum communicates with the visitor. There is an article about this project and some conclusions located on their website.

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