Bill Moggridge wrote a book… and he’s giving it away for free.

A scenario from Dunne and Raby shows children growing meat to provide energy to operate a TV. <em>Photo</em> Jason Evans

A couple weeks ago, I attended  a lecture by Mr. Bill Moggridge, Director of the National Design Museum. It was an interesting albeit short lecture on what he finds interesting about curatorial design, as well as how the Design Museum looks to keep up with the trends of participatory and accessible exhibits. He currently has a new media committee trying to make the museum more available online. He has also written a book titled ” Designing Interactions” which highlights the different ways that artists and designers have been creating interactive and participatory technology. There are interview videos and biographies for each of the interviewed artists  both online and on a DVD included in the book.  Better still, he has offered this book FREE for download, either by chapter or in its entirety.

There’s some pretty great stuff here, and  I thought it would be of some interest to the class.

Jess Peterson

3 responses to “Bill Moggridge wrote a book… and he’s giving it away for free.

  1. This book looks fantastic and so relevant to this course and the discussions we have been having! It is interesting that a whole new committee has been formed at the Design Museum working on making the museum more accessible online. Museums are becoming more aware of the importance of their online presence and this is influencing the whole structure of the way museums are run. It seems though that many museums have already been doing this sort of work for some time. I wonder if the Design Museum is lagging behind and if so if this a choice?

  2. One of the ways the Cooper-Hewitt is trying to be more accessible and online-friendly is to develop a blog in conjunction with its graduate program. Through the course of the program, we students conduct a great deal of research on objects within the CHNDM’s collection. By sharing this information with the public through a blog interface, the goal is to provide updated information on objects in the collection, specifically those that have never been on display in the Museum or have not be exhibited in a long time.

  3. Thanks for sharing! This book very much sounds like what we’ve been learning/discussing in the class. Very interesting.

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