Museum of Modern Art


Pipilotti Rist's "Pour Your Body Out" installation at MOMA

2 responses to “Museum of Modern Art

  1. At some point in MOMA’s history the museum’s curators had to decide whether to stay true to the Modern Art movement and historicize the 20th Century avant-garde that it sought to promote in the fields of art architecture and design, or to keep pace with (or one step ahead of) artistic and creative production and remain a laboratory for the exploration of contemporary art and design. Recent shows like Pipilotti Rist’s iconic and immersive video panorama and exhibitions like Design and The Elastic Mind have shown that MOMA continues to shape the way we explore and experience emerging artistic expression and design practice. No longer a novelty, the digital mediums have changed the shape of the museum, its archtecture, the way it collects, the way it exhibits, and the way museumgoers interact with the work, the artists and each other. Long gone are they days of quiet aesthetic appreciation fine art in austere white walled galleries. For several months, Rist’s installation in the museum’s atrium created a casual lounge atmosphere, a place to relax and soak up the ambience with your kids crawling around on a giant upholstery doughnut.

  2. The MOMA has been a great space for modern art. Its ability to shift with the new artistic movements and at the same time shows the art of the 20th century. I feel that the museum does both, and well. But when looking at the image of people quietly appreciating the aesthetic of Pipilotti Rist’s “Pour Your Body Out”, that is shown on white walled gallery it shows that the days are not long gone, but just being re-shaped. That is what is wondering about MOMA, its ability to re-shape and change with the arts. Yet, under it all there are still white walled galleries and an appreciation of the 20th century art in the upper stories.

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